Professional Development

District Professional Development:

Per the PESPA bargaining language, Section 16.1, Employees shall be paid for professional development hours at their regular rate to attend District developed job related in-service opportunities, including all relevant trainings that are offered to certificated staff (unless specific class limitations exist), all training designed ot qualify for the State Core Competencies both in and outside of the District, online educational courses relevant to PESPA work, and participation in District professional learning communities (e.g.: grade level team meetings or program regional meetings).  Paraeducators shall have access to up to 20 hours and Interpreters shall have access to up to 16 hours.  The District may schedule up to four hours per year of this time as required employee training.  If total usage of these training hours did not exceed 7,500 hour sin the previous contract year, employees may acceess up to an additional 12 hours per year.  Should employees wish to attend other job-related classes, classes that relate to another position, workshops or training in lieu of this, prior approval by the Director of Human Resources will be required.  Interpreters may apply to use their professional development hours for release time to attend professional development activiteis, if approved by their Special Services Administrator.

Interpreters please read Section 16.2 as well.

Once you've received approval and after completing the class, you will need to complete a timesheet for the approved number of hours of in-service pay and submit it, with proof of attendance and clock hour form, to HR for processing. 

  • District HR Representative - Krista McBride

PESPA Professional Development Scholarships:

Cassandra Meacham - Chairperson

PESPA Professional Development Scholarships are available for you to attend classes, workshops or conferences to help you improve yourself for the position you hold and to qualify for the State Core Competencies.  Scholarships will be awarded up to $100 per person per year, on a first-come first-served basis, until our budget is exhausted.  Here's how to apply:

Contact Cassandra Meacham - ´╗┐to obtain any forms that must be completed, or click on the link below.  Return the forms to her by courier in care of Wildwood Elementary and she will approve or deny your application by email.

When you register for training, you will pay all expenses from your own pocket.

When the course is successfully completed, send proof of attendance along with copies of the receipts for reimbursement to Cassie.  If your request was approved, a reimbursement check will be sent to you.

Professional Development Reimbursement Form